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What does it mean for our BRTC members?
Members of the premier tennis facility on the North Shore in MA have access to the premier health club on the North Shore.

How it works
Bass River members may add the BAC for a small monthly fee. Begin by trying out the facility with a 7 day free pass. If you like the club, join BAC for a $39 fee added to your monthly Bass River statement. You may opt-out at any time, with a 30 day notice*. Bass River "Family" members may add both adults to BAC for just $68 a month. Each child on a family membership is $10**.

In addition
All the tennis related services that Bass River provides, you now have access to a full gym, personal training, a pool and spa facility and the area's largest array of conditioning classes.
Stop by and visit the Beverly Athletic Club today and be sure to bring your Bass River membership tag. If you don't have one, pick one up at the front desk.

> Visit Beverly Athletic Club's website, click here

Note restrictions:
*Some restrictions apply. Bass River members using the BAC add-on may not use Beverly Athletic Club Monday and Wednesday nights from 4pm to 7pm or Saturday morning 7am to 11am.

**Due to safety and insurance concerns, there are restrictions on the use of the BAC for children 16 and under. Please speak with a BAC representative for full details.