covid rules for BRTC


A special thank you to all of our club members who have been so considerate, helpful and gracious as Bass River Tennis has worked to navigate and survive the great challenges caused by the pandemic. We are anxious to start putting this behind us, but our goal number one is to keep our staff and our members safe by exercising all possible precautions. We are meeting or exceeding state mandated directives on every point.

Below are our current best practices, but these are subject to change without notice.
• Please always wear your mask while on the property.

• Players may remove their mask once they have reached their court and must put it back on prior to walking off the court. Please wear your mask until you are outside our front door.

• Warm-water wash stations available on the right as you enter.

• Locker rooms are closed. Members with items in a rented locker may enter to retrieve them.

• Members and guest may use the individual bathrooms next to the kitchen.

• Please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your court time and leave the facility at the conclusion of play.

• Pro Shop is open for stringing and regrips. A demo racquet will be $3 so that a new grip can be put on after each use.

• Vending is open for use and the water fountain is on (touchless).

• Most all touch points are protected by Nanoseptic self-cleaning surface screens. We still ask our members and guests to use hand sanitizer located throughout the club and on the courts. We also have pop-up wipes in front of the two 65” screens. Feel free to check on our latest club offerings, but please sanitize after.

• The customary end of play handshake is suspended.

Management of BRTC thanks you for adhering to the distancing guidelines