This Special Edition Bass River Bulletin is dedicated to a few main topics.
First is the Summer at Beverly Golf and Tennis. Our summer program is
outlined. Then the 2021-22 Membership, Rates and Fees will be covered.
Information on USTA, North Shore League, team tryouts and other points of
interest are touched upon.
COVID-19 Vaccinations are helping bring us back!
My newsletter of a year ago was set against the backdrop of a closed Bass
River and way more questions than answers. Here we are a year later, and we
have three vaccines on the market, our most vulnerable are getting shots and we
are finally contemplating a normal life again. There is still a little room to run,
but we can’t help but feel that better times are on the horizon. The club has
survived the challenges and we plan to emerge better than ever! The information
in this newsletter should give you some basic information about our late spring
and summer plans. We all just can’t wait to be outdoors again. Be sure to check
out the information on our summer membership at the clay courts. This will be
our 15th season caring for that historic tennis facility. We offer a Beverly resident
and a non-resident unlimited pass. Our members who support us all year long
get an additional discount. It’s the best unlimited play pass anywhere! Finally,
I’m including the Bass River membership rates for the 2021-2022 indoor season.
Remember that taking advantage of the early pre-paid renewal is your best
value. You have until the end of July for that, but more notices will be sent out
and posted on the Bass River website. We want to again thank all of you for your
incredible support of Bass River. We could not have survived without you!

Highlights of this April extra Special Newsletter Issue
• Summer at Beverly Golf &Tennis / Special Offers
• Summer Unlimited Indoors
• Membership Rates for 2021-2022
• USTA Teams
• Ladies Team Tryouts
• Junior CLub Champions for 2020-2021

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